Official SHIT CREEK Paddles
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Official SHIT CREEK Paddle


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Product Description

You don’t want to be up Shit Creek without our Official SHIT CREEK Paddle!

Our SHIT CREEK PADDLE is a 3′ aspen wood boat paddle, laser engraved with our official SHIT CREEK PADDLES logo on the paddle blade in exquisite detail. Fine sanding, stain and several coats of lacquer finish this great gift.

The logo is laser engraved onto the blade of the paddle. Due to natural variations in the wood, no two paddles are the same. Each one is a unique work of art!

Sure, this is meant as a novelty or as a gag gift, but since it’s engraved into an actual boat paddle, you can actually use it as a paddle!

SHIT CREEK PADDLES! Don’t get caught without one!

This SHIT CREEK PADDLE is also available as a COAT RACK and as a FISHING ROD HOLDER.