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The Shit Creek Paddle Shop"Up Shit Creek Without a Paddle"

If you've ever been up Shit Creek without a paddle, then you need the official Shit Creek Paddle!

Hand crafted in the U.S.A. by American Craftsmen, the Shit Creek novelty paddles make the perfect gift for someone who might need a helping hand (or a good laugh)! 

We admit that these paddles are mainly a novelty or a gift, but they are real paddles, laser engraved with our Shit Creek Paddles logo on the blade.

Our Shit Creek Paddles are actually 3' aspen wood boat paddles, laser engraved with Shit Creek Paddles logo in exquisite detail. Fine sanding, stain and several coats of lacquer finish this paddle to protect it for years to come.

Made in USA!The Shit Creek Paddles logo is laser engraved onto the blade of the paddle. A compass rose is engraved on the grip of the paddle.

Don't find yourself up Shit Creek without a paddle! Order your very own Shit Creek Paddle today!

We are proud of our American made products and happy to present them to you for display in your home or business.

Origin of the Phrase "Shit Creek"

This slang phrase, like most street slang, is difficult to date and determine the origin of precisely. What we can say is that it, or at least the 'shit creek' part of it was known in the USA in the 1860s as it appeared in the transcript of the 1868 Annual report of the [US] Secretary of War, in a section that included reports from districts of South Carolina:

"Our men have put old [Abraham] Lincoln up shit creek."

In Lincoln's day, as now, 'shit creek' wasn't a real place, just a figurative way of describing somewhere unpleasant; somewhere one wouldn't want to be.

The 'without a paddle' ending is just an intensifier, added later for additional effect. This dates from the middle of the 20th century. The American novelist John Dos Passos used the phrase in Adventures of a Young Man, 1939:

"They left the store ready to cry from worry. It was dark; they had a hard time finding their way through the woods to the place where they'd left the canoe. The mosquitos ate the hides off them. 'Well, we're up shit creek without any paddle'."